About Us

We are an organisation focused on environmental conservation which drives positive change and creates awareness about litter and educates people about the impact of litter on our environment and oceans. We have a network of passionate and driven individuals across Asia Pacific including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia, and multiple brand offering environmental empowerment solutions

  • Love is an Action – our parent company focusing on fundraising, educational presentations and seminars and environmental audits. Website link here.
  • The Litter Club – practical solutions and innovative ideas on how to tackle regional and global litter including beach clean-ups, team building and adopt-a-spot initiatives
  • The Green Fringe – a sustainable future can be achieved by utilising latest techniques and technology in the production of food.


Simple and easy to use

Powerful data collection

Strong community involvement

Simple and easy to use

Intuitive functionality makes The Litter Club simple and easy for everyone to use, with practical and powerful data collection ability designed to specifically affect policy changes. Use it today to identify where litter is, we will notify our community groups where and what it is, then join the many litter clubs to help clean-up and rectify the problem.

Identify the litter

Notify the community

Rectify the problem

Affect policy change

How It Works?


Lets us know where the litter is, and we will share it with the world. Once we have a clear picture of where the hotspots are, we can implement effective measures to reduce it, we just need your help.


We will take your information and share it to community groups in your area as well as on social media, so everyone knows where it is. If the litter is hazardous, we will even notify local authorities.


Individuals, community groups, and even local authorities can register that they have collected the litter, as well as how much they collected and what it was made up of, so we can keep our planet clean.

What It Looks Like

The Litter Club app is a multipurpose, next generation platform with the power to change our world.


  • We will make a difference, bringing hope to our planet, and save our oceans and the lives they support, but it takes Action. What we do makes a real difference. Respected, independent and resourceful, we are here to protect your planet. Please contribute and join us in creating a better world


Singapore / Malaysia / Philippines

Head Office

LIAA Environmental Empowerment Solutions Sdn Bhd 81, Jalan SS2/55, Petaling Jaya, 47300, Selangor, MALAYSIA

We believe that everyone should feel like they can contribute to something bigger than themselves. Now you can!

MY: +60 111 880 6743
SG: +65 9143 3603